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Set up a website using Godaddy. Its GONE

Novice web user here. I set up a website through GoDaddy a couple of years ago. Hadn't updated it in a while.  Gave the address to a potential customer - and they reported that it's gone! Researched a little only to find the auto renewal stopped in April when I lost my credit card and forgot to update the info with GoDaddy when I got a new card.  Has my website really gone or is it lurking somewhere and I can retrieve it? Do I have to start again from scratch?

Helper V

@jilmcalester  More than likely, it is gone. You should have received several e-mail notices about it expiring, and perhaps a reminder phone call. I can't remind folks how important it is to keep your personal info up to date when it comes to anything set up on auto pay.


Also, always keep backups of your copy and photos in case something occurs accidentally.


Sure sorry to hear about this. You should try to contact customer service and ask if it's gone for sure. Sometimes if it hasn't been too long ago they can restore it for a fee...