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Your contact information was not approved - cashparking

So I did fill in my physical adress (I have 2 of them) the correct I have on my paypal too and i got this e-mail - Our ad provider did not accept the contact information you provided. Until this information is accepted, your parked domains will not generate ad revenue. What do I need to change then? The adress i provided is 100% correct. THX

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Community Manager

Re: Your contact information was not approved - cashparking

Hi @vajicko44. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! My understanding is that the address has to be an actual mailing address. A good litmus test is to look up the address using something like Google Maps. If you can find the address that way, it should work for your CashParking. If that is the case but you're still seeing the warning, I'd recommend connecting with our customer care team so they can have your situation reviewed by our advanced support team. 


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Re: Your contact information was not approved - cashparking

Hi, I have just been through the set up of cash parking and had a similar problem.

The problem was that I have always used a Po Box for my mail.

The system does not like this, it is not a Physical Address.

To fix was easy Add your physical Address the place you really live, leave the Po Box address but make sure that the physical address is at the top or set to be the first address the system uses.

So Physical Address First, the Po Box Mail Address Second.

Then go to your My Products page on your Godaddy Page, where all your Products are listed.

Domain Products is where you need to look,If you see a red icon then open the drop down box.

The red icon, exclamation mark in red, this means there is still a problem.

The first problem for me was Po Box address.

Second problem was they need your Tax Id Number this is easy add Tax file number for Tax perposes.

These are the only problems I encounted.

I wrote this because I did this yesterday so the information is currant. 6/04/2019 for Australia and 04/6/2019.