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High Domain Renewal Price


High Domain Renewal Price



I just transferred a .com domain to Godaddy. Now I would like to renew it with 1 year. But I realized that the price is €69.99 for 1 year. It is bit high, isn't it?


I planned to transfer to Godaddy my other .com domains too. But if the renewal price is as high as I realized, I can't bring hire to my domains.


Could you explain somebody to me, why could be the renewal price €69.99 for 1 year? Maybe I made a mistake.


Thank you in advance.

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GoDaddy Pro Journeyperson

Re: High Domain Renewal Price

Hi @LiMEntal,

shouldn't you have checked before you transferred? You jumped before looking, why? 

No sympathy from me, sorry but support are much nicer than me, so give them a call.

I think there is a 60 day wait though once a transfer has gone through. 


Re: High Domain Renewal Price

I'm new at Godaddy. Sorry for any ignorance.

Before I transferred the domain, I checked the fee of a new domain registration, and the fee of the transferring. But I can't check - or I didn't find - the fee of the domain renewal.

I'm just interesting about the €69.99/year renewal fee. Because it seems a bit high. Maybe I founded something else fee - don't know.

(It would be better to write an e-mail to Godaddy. But I couldn't find any online support, and I can't call phones.)

GoDaddy Pro Journeyperson

Re: High Domain Renewal Price

[ Edited ]

There is a live chat option and it's Arizona USA local time 9am to 6pm. I'm not really a grouch 🙂,

i guess it is a bit confusing at first, lots going on. 

Best of luck. 

Look 👀 at bottom of this page for online chat. It's probably 3am or something in Arizona at the moment, so check the time difference first.