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Transfer away is disabled but I haven't changed anything

I wish to transfer some domains to another registrar but the options is disabled on all of my domains.


From reading the guidelines, it states the following:

• Registering or transferring a domain name
• Updating the registrant contact's organization
• Updating the registrant contact's first or last name and an organization is not listed 


I have not updated any contact details since these domains were first registered several years ago. The first rule though about registering or transferring, does that mean only the domain in question, or any domain on my account? 


Is there any other reason that transferring out would be disabled? I have tried unlocking the domains as well but this does not enable the option to transfer out.


Re: Transfer away is disabled but I haven't changed anything

Hi @fitzy89,


Welcome to the Community!

If you have done none of the actions that you noted (registrant change, recent registration or transfer) you should be able to transfer out the domains. However, if you are looking for an Authorization Code, the option will not be there for any .UK domain as that code is not used to transfer a .UK domain. You will need to find out the IPS tag that your future registrar uses. Then contact our customer support with that tag and the agent can escalate the request to change the tag on the domain(s). Once you arrange for the transfer to the other registrar, a change of the IPS tag will trigger the transfer to that provider.



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