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Transfer to GoDaddy -- Email with Transfer codes never appears

Trying to transfer a domain to godaddy.  Entered the EPP code (which obviously was sent to the admin email on file) but no email containing the approve button (transfer and security codes) ever arrives.


I did get an email from godaddy about "Transfer Acknowledgement" that indicates the approval request was sent to the correct email.  I know that email works **because it's the same email address my godaddy account is linked to**.


Literally, the email about "Transfer Acknowledgement" was addressed to the same address it that it claims an approval request was sent to.  But no approval request appeared.


Anyone know how I can actually get the transfer code?  I'm about to just give up and transfer the domain to somewhere else (seeing as I have the EPP code and am the owner of the admin email on file, this should be a non-issue).


Facing same problem right now, live chat is offline. They basically made us pay, didn't complete the transfer, and don't reply with an actual solution to the problem. 


Added the domain name to transfer, EPP code, paid, authorization code needed, nothing for the past 3 hours (i see it's been days for you), tried to restart the transfer, got the same email confirmation saying that the codes will be sent, but nothing arrives



Godaddy, your chat is offline while you claim it's 24x7, and when people complain of a problem as critical as this, you don't reply?


Fix it, because more people will face it and they'll start flowing in

my problem is whois information under my transfering domain missing, and new registrar can't upload whois to domain control org for launching transfer procedure. I contact godaddy twice but my poor English hindered smooth fixation.

but godaddy support should quite familiar with this kind of situation. why they didn't fix it soon? my domain strangely privacy protected after I claimed it, about months later, why? I didn't buy the service. now the domain whois info bond to some organization, no my godaddy account, exactly my gmail here which used by new registrar sending transfer affirmation mail, how to unlock it and let my transfer rolling out?

godaddy, I still have more than 12 domains here, and I have hosting plan here. don't let me regret! help my domain, gain a new registrar, soon!

Hi @warozhu


I understand you are having trouble resolving your domain issue. The domain you list at the end,, transferred away and is no longer registered with us. If there is a different domain for which you are concerned, please let us know.


TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at

TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at

Hi @MoemenShahawy, @acreutz


For security reasons, we can only send our codes (the Transaction ID and Security Code) to the Administrative Email address on the domain. I understand you are waiting for the email with the Transaction ID and Security Code that you will need for your transfer at an email you may already be using. If you are still not receiving this email at the address shown on the "Transfer Acknowledgment" email (and have checked your bulk/spam folders) the email may be blocked.

On rare occasions your email filters or your ISP may be blocking these emails; they come from a different server than the other emails you have been receiving.

You may list us as a preferred sender or temporarily disable your filters and easily resend. If you still do not receive the codes, we recommend that you temporarily change the administrative email address on the domain to a generic email (hotmail, yahoo, etc). Once updated, you can resend the codes using the instructions below.


1. Log in to your account with us.
2. Next to DOMAINS, click MANAGE.
3. From DOMAINS in the color bar at the upper left, select TRANSFERS.
4. To the right of the transferring domain, you will see the current address under the "Admin Email" column.
5. Mouse-over that address and click UPDATE.
6. Click OK.
7. We resend the transfer IDs to your current admin email address as it shows in the public whois directory.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at

TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at