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Migrating Legacy 4GH Shared Hosting Linux Account to cPanel

I have a 4th Generation GoDaddy Hosting account (4GH)* and would like to migrate it to a cPanel account (with access to PHP 5.6). Is there a Help document showing an efficient process to achieve this?


I found the following two relevant resources:


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Getting Started

  • GoDaddy Help document: "Move from Free Classic Linux hosting to cPanel"
    This document assumes a free classic Linux hosting account and involves purchasing a new hosting account and several manual steps similar to the amount of steps required when starting with a new account from scratch -- is there a migrate option for legacy paid Linux hosting accounts that takes care of all steps involved?
  • Forum topic: "PHP 5.5 or higher for VB 5"
    This concludes in: "I talked to support and they upgraded me to the new cpanel" -- is this the currently most user friendly solution?

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Thank you for your help!



*= My current service plan is "Economy Linux Hosting" and I have "Hosting Configuration: 2.2" (the latter appears in the left sidebar when "managing" said hosting account; this account was migrated from 2GH to 4GH late 2012 and offers a choice between PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4).


I had to post my question in multiple pieces to avoid the following as discussed on numerous pages (and still not fixed after at least 6 months):


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