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Site can't be reached, getting error 500 Internal Error

My site is pure HTML -

Nothing fancy.  Been online for 12 years, the last 5 on GoDaddy.

Worked great until 4-6 weeks ago when I couldn't access and got the Service Error 500.

Called and found out how to select Dedicated IIS Application Pool to STOP, then START it.

It now is happening once or twice a week.


The code is very simple.  Any ideas.



Helper V


Hi Ken,

I get this when I mess around with my .htaccess file. Or when something in that file is depreciated, no longer works or is needed. Maybe this is your issue too?

Your sites have been a line for a while so thinking something is no longer needed that is there, when the site hits it down it goes.....?

Lets hope it is something simple 🙂

Mrsroadrunner Photography

I moved my site from GoDaddy's Windows Plesk Server to their Lenox Server and Secured my site.

No Errors since.





Sir/Madam am Getting This Error 10 times in a day and then automatically it fixed but getting this error 10 times in a day is not good for my website Please Fix this as soon As Possible Thanks!