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Buy Now, Pay Later Options for Online Stores

It is ridiculous that in 2020 godaddy still doesn't have these options available as payment methods for Australian and New Zealand Businesses.  Not having these options (i.e. AfterPay, Zip-Pay, Humm, Klarna, OpenPay) is basically a business killer in Australia and New Zealand.  Every single customer we have asks about these payment options.  I came to godaddy from another provider as we wanted a web address.  It looks like I'm going to have to go back to my previous provider (who is US based) and settle from only a .com address as at least they offer AfterPay.  The fact that godaddy has done nothing about this when your prices are far greater in some instances than your competitors is ridiculous. godaddy's refusal to incorporate these methods of payments shows that you don't care about our businesses, or our survival.