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Looking for advice on a new industry hub site



I had an idea yesterday and am now preparing material to go onto my website. I am a complete novice and looking forward to a profitable and successful relationship with Godaddy.


I am looking to create a central place to connect, with all the information required and helpful tips, tricks and how to's. I have all the knowledge gained over five years full time, in my head. All of it learned on the job. I would like to make a site with links to industry specific sites, tools and apps to utilise, social sites for support, advise and general help.with a handbook sold on Amazon, which i will put together. I would also like to allow users to interactive with the site, by leaving comments? Not too sure what this will look like, but would be preferable.


Other than a link to the handbook, I am not currently planning to sell anything on the site.

I will then look to facebook and other social sites to attract some traffic. Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully accepted, as i am currently working on a simple overview, to then expand on, section by section. Giving me a clear path and goals.Currently not putting any time constraints on myself.


Although, i have a free month to build a site. Not sure what this actually means, surely to build a site is free, to publish the site, is where it would be a financial consideration?


Thank you for taking time to read ny introduction and i look forward to bringing some value to this forum, in time.


Getting Started

This sounds Awesome! I hope it goes well and you help a lot of people in this area. A community of your own through a website, great idea. I to want to have a chat app on my site but have not been able to find one and put in place.


Thank you for a much needed injection of positivity, Taracia

I will have a look at your site and wish you every success.

If i come across a chat app, which sounds like a great idea for my site, I will let you know.

Take care