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Photo Gallery Improvement Suggestion and Social Media Link

Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the function to sort the images in our photo galleries!? It takes HOURS when I bulk add photos to get all the new photos to the top of the list so that they show up first on the site. 

And can we also have the option to link to facebook messenger on the site? Emails are annoying and usually get missed since I have 5 email accounts linked to all my devices and when a customer contacts me, I'd like to know instantly. 

Community Manager

Hi @IDBH. Thanks for posting. I'll pass on your feedback regarding sorting options for photo galleries. I can see how that would be helpful.


In regard to connecting Facebook Messenger, this is already possible if you use an iOS device using GoDaddy Conversations. We're still working on the Android app. If you're interested, you can find out more here


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