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Websites + Marketing Enhancement Suggestions

GoDaddy Wish List

For the most part, I am satisfied with my GoDaddy website. It was up-and-running quickly and took care of most of my basic needs. However, in my opinion there are certain areas for improvement that could take my website to a higher more professional level. Here are some suggestions:
1. IMAGE BOXES—Should be able to drag-and-drop independent images boxes onto any page and arrange anywhere on a page regardless of theme/template. Boxes should be re-sizable. I frequently have to jockey around a template to get image boxes on which takes time and ultimately falls short of what I actually want.
3. TEMPLATES—Way short here, should literally be hundreds to choose from, currently there are around 10?!? Templates also have a take-it-or-leave-it kind of format, should be way more flexibility. More personalization is needed.
4. ADD-ONS—Borders, clip art, stock photos, animations, etc. I know this can get “cheezy” but hey a few to choose from would be nice.
5. SOUND—I’ve already voiced my displeasure of Sound Cloud. Why would anyone want to use a third party company to be able to post audio especially if their goal is to charge you money? Moreover, they seem to be focused on song clips which is not the kind of audio I want to post. A simple drag-and-drop “wav” box please.
6. FONT—Yeah, I know special font types do not always transfer across all browsers but a bit more pizazz would be appreciated.
7. STORE—More choices are needed here as well. Lack of templates and functionality.
8. BLOG—Again a bit underwhelming, would like to insert more photos into blog text, etc.

Product Team

Hi @hughieb! Thank you for all these suggestions. You will be happy to know that we are already working on a few different updates that address some of the feedback above. And I have added the rest to our request list. 

Re: themes/templates, have you checked out some of the templates you can start a site with here: We keep adding more templates regularly on the GoDaddy website and are working on improving their discoverability within the product as well.

Thanks again for reaching out - we truly value your input!