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    Flush Cache Issue

    My site on managed wordpress hosting is using modern events calendar.  Today is June 11. If I check 7 devices -  some say it is June 10, some say June 11.  This is not a cache issue on the local devices.  After much troubleshooting, I realized Flush Cache in my Wordpress admin was the fix and therefore pointed to the issue. 


    I asked GoDaddy chat help previously if Flush Cache only related to the CDN and nothing else.  I was told yes.  I turned off my CDN.  Today, same issue, same fix. 


    If I could Flush Cache on schedule (12 am) that would solve the problem.  Can I?  I'm guessing no.


    Whatever Flush Cache clears, how can I stop that thing from caching so that my site will work correctly?


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    Same issue, with the same solution, which is a non-solution, going in and flushing the cache on a daily basis.  I have tried three different dating tools with the same result. Is there a way to not have one page in the cache or have it auto-flushed at zulu local time?