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    Wordpress Managed PHP Version

    How to change PHP Version for GoDaddy Wordpress Managed it  need two be  update  because new woocommerce plugins recommend PHP Version two be 5.6. in  MySQL version need two be 5.6     wil this be  Automatic fix   in  MaxMind GeoIP Database: need fix  ps before i buy a new web hosting will this wordpress Managed be Automatic update two new PHP version 

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    Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that PHP 7.2 is now available on all Managed WordPress sites.  You can change your PHP version in your Hosting dashboard.  Here are a couple screenshots:


    Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 3.28.31 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-10 at 3.28.46 PM.png





    Gabriel A. Mays
    Head of WordPress, GoDaddy

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    (Sorry, my browser did not display all posts at first – please delete this)

    Woocommerce updated today and due to this outdated PHP version, my customers can no longer purchase items. I will be leaving GoDaddy very soon because of this issue and the extreme delay in updating their wordpress hosting product.


    Very bad experience.

    @TheTownKitchen Thanks for reaching out here. We're working to update as quickly as possible, while ensuring the update won't negatively impact existing customers. I hope you ultimately decide to stay and we appreciate you hanging in there with us!



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    hi am suffering same with woocommerce we need php 5.6 + asap i cant sell on my site any more 

    when the update is coming am losing sales 

    Agreed - we are losing LOTS of WooCommerce sales with the site crashing constantly as well as mid-purchase, causing customers to leave in anger.


    What is the progress on upgrading PHP for Managed WP?? Please, GoDaddy, this is seriously impacting us and has gone on for far too long!

    Were still waiting on this? Please advise you folks were saying next month in July… 😕

    Poor service guys!!  Losing sales also.  Communication please!!!!  

    Hey guys,

    Any update on this? I am relaunching a website that needs a plugin with updated PHP and want to launch in the next week or two, if the update will be ready please let me know so I don't have to find a new host.


    @sniggle wrote:

    Hey guys,

    Any update on this? I am relaunching a website that needs a plugin with updated PHP and want to launch in the next week or two, if the update will be ready please let me know so I don't have to find a new host.


    Also would appreciate an urgent update on this matter Gabe? The versions supported on godaddy of 5.4 and 5.5 are already end of life as shown in this link on the php site itself!




    Version 5.6 is desperately needed for most savvy designers and webmasters! Especially as this will only be security supported from the end of 2016 (just a month or so away????).


    Come on GoDaddy, I am paying for fit for purpose hosting, not fit for the trash hosting!!



    Hmmm, maybe time to take hosting elsewhere as the service has been appalling.  No communication, no updates.  Not good GoDaddy!  

    They have been saying end of month after x weeks soon enough work is progressing.. And nothing

    Seriously we are losing sales here and we can't open our new site because of plugins requiring latest versions of x and y

    We bought the package so we don't have to worry about this stuff not to come and beg u for updates

    You should allow us to change to cpanle for free if you guys are taking forever to keep things up to date it's cheaper to pay someone to update our website than losing sales over stupid software update

    My first reply to this thread was 3 months ago.  While I appreciate the updates, I'm no longer waiting. I'm moving all the sites I manage on GoDaddy to another host, and won't be hosting with GoDaddy any time in the near future. While GoDaddy, one of, if not the largest domain and host providers, is continuing to make money, the businesses I work with can't afford to lose money by waiting for this. They are smaller businesses that also include non-profit organizations. This is one of the worst business and customer service experiences I have ever seen.

    Good luck everyone, I hope you don't have to wait much longer.

    Nothing but excuses. PHP 7.0 was released on 3 December 2015, and 7.1 was released a year later.

    I'm shocked to see people here actually have 5.4+ ..My hosting shows 5.3.24. 

    Seeing as I have to set a site up that needs woocommerce, I will host it elsewhere. There's various threads with people asking about the PHP version on godaddy, 7 has been out for a long time and there's no excuse to not be on 5.6..

    Former Employee

    Hi @svache.  GoDaddy's Managed WordPress Hosting has been on PHP 5.6 for some time now.


    If you're not on PHP 5.6 then you're probably on cPanel or Plesk hosting, which have the ability to manually update to other PHP versions if you wish.  I recommend checking in the Web Hosting forums if you have questions.





    Gabriel A. Mays
    Head of WordPress, GoDaddy

    Here is what mine says:


    "WooCommerce Stripe - The minimum PHP version required for this plugin is 5.6.0. You are running 5.4.19."


    I went in to check my PHP settings in godaddy and the only options I have for version are 5.3 and 5.4. It's already set to 5.4.


    Any suggestions?

    @arovney PHP 5.6 is only available on certain hosting packages from GoDaddy. Check out the list here:



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    Sorry this topic is very technical so I might be lost... My Yoast plugin tells me automatically that my PHP version is way too old and I HAVE to change it as soon as possible. It's PHP 5.3.

    I have a Deluxe hosting with Wordpress installed on Linux. According to the link previously shared, I should have an option to upgrade to 5.6.27 ("Managed Wordpress") but I have only 5.3 or 5.4... 

    Can you tell what to do to get 5.6 or higher?




    dear Gabe


    Any solution for changing the php limit in managed wordpress isnce my company has already bought a package for an entire year and  has invested on all the plugins and themes please reply asap


    other wise please transfer my managed wordpress hosting to normal cpanel hosting please ,we cant invest more or cancel this project


    Any news?

    Former Employee

    Hi @markjb thanks for checking in.


    Yes, things are moving along quite nicely.  We're still building out the Redis caching layer, which will allow us to upgrade.  We're still aiming to wrap the object caching upgrade and upgrades to MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.6 in 6-7 weeks.


    As a bonus we rolled out improvements to increase the reliability and consistency of WP Cron that was causing issues for some customers.


    We also added a new stock image library API with thousands of high quality, royalty free images.  It's now available on all new Managed WordPress sites and will be rolled out to all existing sites over the next two weeks.



    Gabriel A. Mays
    Head of WordPress, GoDaddy