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Buying Domains - Misleading pricing

Hi All,


I am not one to take to the internet and rant for the slightest little thing.  However, I have to say that I find the service and business practice offered by GoDaddy to be at best appalling.  Let me share my recent very bad experience with GoDaddy


I want to buy a domain and noticed they had great offers at £0.99 to entice me in.  I pick my domain, go to checkout and it is now £8.50.  So I click back and make I had it right or not misread things and sure enough £0.99 for or £0.99 for .com domains limited to one per order.  I put domain back in the basket and go to checkout, wash - rinse - repeat.


I then contact GoDaddy Multi award-winning customer service via web chat.  The agent refused to offer support initially until I registered an account with them.  Why would I register with a company that cannot get the pricing right?  Why would I want to share my contact details ?? So you can send me voucher codes for more misleading offers? 


I wait a few days and decide to go back to, this time I register an account and the same thing, the wonders of the internet, buy for £0.99, ground hog day.  Only this time the price remains at £0.99 until the point of Paying.  I link PayPal and authorise payment for £0.99.  I click place order and low and behold, order rejected as I have already used the discount code.  W T H !!! So after checking my account, not a single domain registered to my account 


The point of whether the domain is £0.99 or £8.50 or £9.99 I am not overly concerned with. The lower cost would have been great but no issue paying £9.99.  The point is the business practice is hugely misleading to get people in and then they won't honor it.  Moreover, why should I register personal details for a pre-sales question?    I would find it very hard to recommend GoDaddy, their pricing is misleading and disingenuous.   

Former Employee

Greetings @MisterNMR ,


Thanks for asking. I may not have answers to all your questions, but I may have a few of them so please bear with me.


The reason the agent would ask about an account is that we, like many companies, offer different ways to come to us and make purchases and special prices may differ based on the where and how you reach us.


Some specials are geographic in nature others are based on links or deals offered by us for specific purposes (past examples include NASCAR®, affiliates, charities, etc). The agent would need this information to help you confirm pricing and sometimes offer call-in deals or other discounts. Otherwise, you may find them politely inviting you to read what you see.


As for the one-time special that changed on checkout. If we say it's single use, there may be a limit on how many we offer. We do our best to assure it's fair to all customers. Without giving away internal processes, it would not be difficult to guess generally that companies compare repeat use of payment methods, names, and street, email, or IP addresses to weed out repeat users. While we appreciate your business, we want to try to stay within the lines of our offers for the benefit of all. ---Well, that exhausts all the points I wanted to bring to the party. 


I hope that helps some,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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