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Cant change my nameservers

So my website was running great, I go yesterday and I receive an error that my website is down.
We go into name servers, and there is two nameservers that can't be changed (that we have never seen before), but the correct names servers we had added before, are gone.
Has anyone had anything like this happen to them? Total names servers change?

Re: Cant change my nameservers

@Mdowling76, Did you call support, what did they say about it?

Re: Cant change my nameservers

Yep @resellerlabs, they said they fixed it. I go onto my site and it is not fixed. 


Re: Cant change my nameservers

changing name servers can take a day or two, although it's usually really fast. If they said that, you should call them back and let them know it's not working again.


Ask for their email address if you want to reach the same support tech so you don't have to reexplain the situation over and over again to new support reps.

Re: Cant change my nameservers

i have same problem

i want add name server but not agree till now

as till now

DNS modification pending from cloudflare site

why this problem ?


Re: Cant change my nameservers

I need to Chang nameserver with cloudflare

Re: Cant change my nameservers

godady is not like earlyer service looking for much money now