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DNS newb with apache server.

I can't seem to find a good tutorial on this, I have an Apache web server running on Ubuntu, I can acesses it Via IP everywhere.

I have a domain name purchased from Go-daddy, and don't mind using them for the DNS either, but how Do i go about attaching my IP to my domain name via GoDaddy's DNS?


Edit: ok, I think what I'm supposed to do is change the default nameserver(s) to a custom one, being my IP.. but I only have 1 (no redundancy, yet) and it won't allow me to do that.. or am I doing it wrong?

Edit Edit: I think I found it here:

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Super User III

Re: DNS newb with apache server.

Yep, A record-

Host: @

Points to: (the IP address)


The host @ would be for your root domain (, for a sub-domain type in what it should be (like 'Host: example'  would make


Apache would also need to be configured on what to do with requests on that domain, here are a couple articles I found in case they're needed.