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DNS text record not found

I am putting my customer service on freshdesk platform. Then I try to set my custom domain as the freshdesk console domain.



freshdesk gave me console link:

I need to make customer visit can access the freshdesk console.

(It's not domain redirect)


Freshdesk asked me to setup CNAME and TXT records, so they can authenticate my custom domain.

I had no issue with CNAME, it's successfully set up.

For TXT record, they asked me to "Create a TXT record to point fdkey.<custom-support-domain> to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (it's authentication code) " But freskdesk keeps saying my TXT records cannot be detected.


Here is what they say:

"​I understand your concern but the Tool that we are using to check if the TXT record is added is a Global one and not something built by us. 

Only for the TXT record, I can see that the value is not added."
Why I added the TXT records for sure, but they cannot detect it?

Re: DNS text record not found

Hi @wejiale21,


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Make sure that after saving the changes on your GoDaddy DNS Manager, you allow enough time for the DNS change to propagate (24-48 hours). If they still can't see it, you may want to call and have our support team check the TLD/domain. 



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