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Host names and Nameservers not resolving to my own DNS server

I've talked to support and they claim I did it right and that in "2 hours" it will propagate but the 2 hours are long since gone and I'm up against a deadline. Can someone give me a sanity check on whether I've set up the host name and nameservers settings right? Even though their Tier 2 support says I did right, I still wonder. Here are my settings:


Host names:

ns1 > x.x.x.x (IP address of my DNS server hosted in AWS)

ns2 > y.y.y.y (IP address of my DNS server hosted in AWS)


Nameservers: (no IP address listed here) (no IP address listed here)


What I want to accomplish for my domain, is to have GoDaddy publish the nameservers as and and then also resolve them to the appropriate IP addresses. It's been over 48 hours but no dice. Smiley Sad


Note: Domain names and IP addresses in this post have been changed to protect the innocent. Smiley Wink

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Super User III

Re: Host names and Nameservers not resolving to my own DNS server

Hi there!


If you've put in the correct nameservers in the Domain Management tool and it still hasn't propagated, I would contact AWS on this one. It sounds like maybe the nameservers they provided to you were not authoritative or perhaps a glitch has occurred on their end. As long as you put in all the info correctly, there shouldn't have been an issue.



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Re: Host names and Nameservers not resolving to my own DNS server

I have exactly the same issue, all seems to be okay but ns not resolving.

hosting says its on godaddy side, godaddy checked and says its okay on their side.

it's the first time i have issue like this , and I set up lot of servers before,