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How to Restore deleted domain

I deleted a domain and I want to restore it back 

please how can I?


Hey 9janotchmedia! At this point you would need to go back and see if the domain is available still, it is likely that the registry has it depending on how long it has been deleted. You are welcome to go to our official site and enter in the domain name to see if it is available for re-purchase. If you are unable to find it i highly recommend giving our support team a call they can definitely help you track it down; the phone number is on the top right corner of the screen.

I've been trying to make a call but it was unable to connect when I try it
and I've made every necessary step but still, can't help myself



can you please help retrieve it
am still seeing it but can't access my edit my DNS
I've tried my possible best



Hi @9janotchmedia,


Welcome to the Community!

If a domain is older than 5 days and is cancelled by the customer (by accident or otherwise), it is not returned to the Registry for at least 30 days. It is then held there at the Registry's discretion for 30 -45 days. It will not be available for new registration. If your cancellation was recent, you can most likely recover the domain in your account. If the domain has not expired, simply choose "No Years" when you recover it, in order to process it without charge. If it has expired, you will need to renew in the process. There can be no DNS changes until the domain is in an active status. 



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