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Nameserver and Glue Records

My domain registrar is GoDaddy. My server is not a GoDaddy hosted server and uses it's own nameserver settings.


In the GoDaddy DNS manager I created Host Name entries for and with both pointing to my server's IP address.


In the GoDaddy DNS manager I then set the nameserver to custom and entered I received an error saying "unavailable".


Looking for a solution. Thank you.


Re: Nameserver and Glue Records

Below is an article on how to set custom nameservers on GoDaddy.


Re: Nameserver and Glue Records

I think the person that just copied and pasted a "boilerplate" reply to my post didn't read it all and just posted it as a generic answer to a DNS question on an external server.


But I figured out the answer myself. When creating the Hostname in the GoDaddy system, I entered the fully qualified name "ns1.domain.tld" instead of just entering the ns1 portion. The entry screen does show the appended .domain.tld after the data entry box. But when only the ns1 is entered, the result screen doesn't show the fully qualified nameserver name. It only shows "ns1" which make me think I had to enter the full nameserver.

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Re: Nameserver and Glue Records

Hey @DennyP_AZ,

We appreciate you coming back and sharing the solution to your issue. Thanks for taking the time!! Hope to see you around the Community more in the future. Take care!