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Recursive server unable to reach GoDaddy authoritative servers

I am part of a team that manages about 100 recursive servers on an ISP network for clients to use.  For about a week now, some of them can not connect to the GoDaddy ( servers to get DNS records of domains DNS hosted by GoDaddy. Doing a traceroute from these servers usually die going through what appears to be a Chicago based peering point after several hops after leaving our network.  If the recursive server can resolve GoDaddy DNS hosted domains, the traceroute gets to "" before timing out.

I sent in an email to with detailed resursive server info;  I'm willing to put it here if this gets responded to.




Re: Recursive server unable to reach GoDaddy authoritative servers

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The users in this community forum will have no access to your account to determine what the issue is. As GoDaddy has opted for live, real-time support options instead of email support, please contact our customer support team at one of the numbers in the link below so they can review and resolve the problem, or get you pointed in the right direction. If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (



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Re: Recursive server unable to reach GoDaddy authoritative servers

Ugh.  The customer support center has been far less than helpful.  They keep telling me there is no issue with my personal domain, and I agree, there isn't.  The issue appears to be is that GoDaddy is blocking my recursive servers from being able to access the authoritative servers.   The problem comes and goes.


I am just trying to determine if this is happening due to an off my network routing issue, or if perhaps one of my customers is doing something that is triggering an anti-DDOS mitigation.  If the latter, it'd have to be multiple customers in multiple states, generally occurring in Colorado, Minnesota, and less frequently Utah.  DNS resolvers in other states have also experienced the issue but not as frequently.  All of my resolvers start with the same first 2 IPv4 octets, but the third and fourth octets vary.  I'm not sure where to look and have asked for help.