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Server IP Address Cannot Be Found

Hi, friends—

Very recently, one of my urls began returning an error that the server's IP address could not be found; however, other urls on the same server are still resolving. Any ideas?


Re: Server IP Address Cannot Be Found

Hi @quilllouse,


Thanks for posting. Did you recently change your DNS for the domain? That error indicates it is pointing to the wrong IP address, you will need to change your domain's A record to your hosting account's IP address. Hope that helps!


Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Server IP Address Cannot Be Found

Hi, Lisi—


Thanks for replying. I haven't changed anything in quite some time. This just popped up out of the blue. I followed the link you shared, but my A listing doesn't offer a pen icon for editing, so I created a new one. Now there are two. Will one overwrite the other?


Re: Server IP Address Cannot Be Found

Hi @quilllouse


No, an extra A record will cause intermittent failures to find the site. If there is no "pen" icon for editing, we are guessing that you have a forward in place for the domain. Are you forwarding it to another, outside hosting plan? If not, you will need to cancel the forwarding command, which will allow you to have only the one IP address you need on the domain (to your hosting plan with us).  


TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Server IP Address Cannot Be Found

Thank you @TLH & @Lisi! Forwarding was on, so I deleted it, and this allowed me to delete the forwarding A record.