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Server IP address could not be found

Hello! So I have just finished signing up with Godaddy. I have purchased a domain named Now my question is, when ever I go to my domain name, Chrome says "’s server IP address could not be found." BUT when I type in the IP address it works fine. Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?? I'm new to this stuff and I can't seem to find the right answer from google. Other answers have outdated instructions and I can't seem to find my way through them. Please help.


Re: Server IP address could not be found

Hey @maniix,


I'm afraid the domain has not been registered for use when I look up WhoIs results. As of this writing, you can also see that it's still currently available for registration here


It's possible you purchased hosting services and then set it up for the domain name, but setup of hosting alone does not automatically register the domain. You'll need to purchase the domain name before it can be used with the hosting plan.


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