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Unable to Save Changes while Updating Contacts for Domains

I have been trying to update the contact information in all of my current domains through "Manage Domains" but have been unable to save any information.


I go to Manage Domains, click on the domain that I would like to update > Ownership > Update Contacts.


I un-check the 'Use for all Contact Types' box because not all information is the same in registrant, admin, technical and billing, but once I do this, the 'Save' button is always grayed out and I am unable to save any new information that I put in. If I add a new phone number into 'Registrant', then switch over to 'Admin' or any other tab, it does not save the info that I had just put into 'Registrant". I have tried clearing cache, going into incognito browser, changing browsers, as well as changing what computer I am using, nothing has worked. Contacted customer support through messaging as well as spent an hour on the phone and no one seems to know what the problem is. Anyone else have this issue and know how to solve it?

No changes have been made to the domains in the last 60 days so I know that there is no lock on it. The domains all belong to us so we should be able to make changes at any time. Have also tried turning the 'lock' off on each domain but that did not change anything. 


Hi @aimitservices,


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It sounds like you are taking all the right steps to troubleshoot on your end. Using a private/incognito browsing window, changing browsers, etc. Make sure you have completed all the required fields - with the red asterisk - before saving. The country phone code is usually the one that is missed.


It's possible that you have a ccTLD (country-code domain) that has special requirements for a registrant update that would need escalation through the customer care team. You can take a look at this article, choosing your domain ending, to see if that is required for your domain. If so, you can contact them at the number most convenient to you below.





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