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cancel my domain

hello everyone

so I need to cancel my domain 

I created it 1 year ago and it will be available for 2 years 

the thing is I don't need it anymore 

and I can't cancel it I need to complete the protected way is that I really don't know 

plus I never used that domain 

what about the fees 



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Re: cancel my domain



The only way to "cancel" domains is to turn off auto-renew so the domain is not renewed under your account and then is released for others to purchase.


There are no early cancellation refunds.  If you purchased for 2 years, you own it for 2 years. 


HTH! 😉


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Re: cancel my domain

thank you soo much so your quickly answer 

and yaah I get that now 


Re: cancel my domain

Except there is no way to do that but to call and wait on hold for a loooooong time, and then be told there are several other hoops to jump through.  What a waste of money, time, and resources.  NEVER AGAIN!

Re: cancel my domain

i turned off auto renew and deleted my domain. how long do i have to wait before it becomes available for others to use?

Re: cancel my domain

It may take up to 45 days for the domain to be available back to the public.

Re: cancel my domain

hi do not want to continue with the domain can you please re fund my money that you have collected by pay-pal today 

i do not want the service many thank 




Re: cancel my domain

Hi @hafizbakhsh. Thanks for being a part of the GoDaddy Community! 


First, you will want ensure you are eligible for a refund per our refund policy. If you find that you are, you will then want to cancel the domain from your account. 


Once you have the domain canceled from your account, you will need to reach out to our live support team where they can assist you in getting your refund issued back to you. 


Hope this helps you out!


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