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delete my domain option is disabled

I want to delete my domain but the Settings page is telling me that the domain is locked and the Delete function is disabled.  Apart from calling and speaking to Customer Service, is there any way to delete this domain?  It is set to renew in 12 days and I don't have autorenew on it, should I just leave it to be cancelled by the system?  Will this incur any charges?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: delete my domain option is disabled

This is a fairly common question @CanD because domains need to be locked or unlocked for all kinds of reasons. Check out Unlock my domainDelete products in my GoDaddy account and Turn off auto renew. Note that your domain will likely have to be unlocked before it can be deleted. I personally judt turn off the auto renew and let the domain cancel on its own. Deletion is really final, letting it phase out is very graceful and allows time to recover the domain of needed. I hope that helps?

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