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forward with masking, OG tags



The issue here is forward with masking on godaddy creates an iframe redirect but we cannot add og tags to this page and cannot be previewed correct;y on facebook


The original links work perfect on facebook, however when the godaddy domain is entered the preview doesnt work, godaddy should allow its customers to add these g tags in the meta tags section of their forward with masking options, if this isnt resolved soon i will have no option but to look eslewhere to buy my domains.


 Hey @tazirishlamb,


Domain Forwarding and Masking utilizes iFrames to hide the destination address being forwarded to. You're correct in that you cannot modify OG tags while forwarding with masking enabled as doing so would affect all forwarded domains that utilize the masking feature. 


If you want the domain to show a preview within Facebook, you'll need to direct it using another method, such as updating the DNS settings to point to the hosted IP of where your site content is at. 


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