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frustrated w/ GD- WhoIs, pricing, 24 hr timing

If someone chooses to pay extra for privacy, fine, but stop masking owner registrant data for other companies' WhoIs when people don't have privacy!! It makes it harder to get things listed!! On your site, you say that your selling commission is one of the lowest in the industry. Umm, stop lying, as far as I can tell you guy are the MOST expensive!  Should change that lie on the site. I was given a time limit to pay for a domain I very badly wanted, when I logged in BEFORE the time period was up, it had been offered to someone else. Of course, I couldn't get anyone on the phone from Auctions & they didn't truly respond quickly so it could have been fixed. There are differences in the listing of domains from Manage Domains/Ctrl Panel vs from Auctions section. Problematic & not smooth. On top of that, there aren't any clear help videos or info to address the issue- on various screens.  For these reasons, I've been using Epik more!!!!!!