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iDNS - Domain Name Expiration Notice

This is an alert since I searched the community for conversations about this and came up empty.


I got a letter from a "company" called Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS) stating that "As a courtesy to domain name holders" they were going to help me renew one of my domains. I knew I registered through GoDaddy originally.


To be certain I checked my account and the domain was set to auto-renew in October with GoDaddy. Other than updating the payment method there was no issue. 


iDNS was generously going to act as my agent to renew for 2 years at $90 (a $10 discount from the 1 year price).  I went ahead with my renewal at GoDaddy for 2 years at $36.34 (a $53.66 discount from iDNS).  Duh.


I am sure legally this is not fraud since it is presented as a "courtesy" but it did not pass the sniff test when I first opened and read it.  And I suspect the GoDaddy community is too savvy to engage the "courtesy" but I thought it should at least be highlighted in the community for newbies.

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Super User III

Re: iDNS - Domain Name Expiration Notice



iDNS and Domain Registry of America - are two of the companies (and maybe the same) who send out something that looks just like an invoice but are really a domain transfer to them - I have had many clients over the year get them and ask me - I always say just toss it out

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