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Cpanel Email Help

I'm not receiving emails, and I'm not technical at all, but I seriously need help. 

I've called in dozens of times, spent hours and hours on the phone, bought everything suggested, spent a ton of money with Go Daddy, but I'm still not receiving all my emails. It seems hit and miss. Everything was fine until we moved our website and hosting back to go daddy June, 2017.  I don't really understand MX records. It seems that may be my problem, although when I call into customer support, they say everything is fine and try to sell me something else. They also tell me they need to know every email address that isnt getting through - how do I know that? 

Who can I talk to that might have a clue? Do I need to move my email from Go Daddy? If so, please give suggestions. 

I had Workspace Email for 7 years with no problem. I want that back.