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Email from GoDaddy indicating mailbox needs to be upgraded?

I have received this email below from GoDaddy today, but I suspect a problem. First, GoDaddy does not generally contact us unless there is an issue, but when and if they do contact us, it is through the message centre within our back offices, not via email.

Secondly, the email address of the person who contacted me does not appear to be from Godaddy, however the phone number listed and contact information and formal appears correct.

I did a quick web search on the email address and it seems the person who contacted me is a regular person (a photographer) so I am assuming this message is someone trying to hack into my business email account or obtain account passwords?


The message indicates I need to upgrade my mailbox (email) because it is full (storage limit is exceeded) and my account will be suspended until I do so. Having said that, I have been receiving business emails all day/night without issue and my storage is at 3% used. The message also says not to reply to the email and that emails sent to this address will not be answered. To me, this is another red flag because if GoDaddy really was contacting me, wouldn't they want me to respond?


As a precautionary measure, I went to my email setup within my workspace back office, to verify and my mailbox is no where near full, nor has space concerns regarding storage. There was also no notification within my account from GoDaddy indicating that any update or upgrade or confirmation of my information is required.


Can anyone tell me if this is legitimate request from GoDaddy or are my suspiscions correct and they are phishing/trying to hack my account.

If it is legitimate, what I need to do exactly?

If it is not a legitimate email from GoDaddy, it should be noted in forum so that other customers of GoDaddy can be aware of this scam and do not fall for it and possibly put their account security at risk.

Also, if not legitimate, can I report the person to someone or somewhere for impersonating GoDaddy and to stop them from doing this to others?


Thank you for your assistance. I have placed x's to cover my email address as well as the senders email address for security & safety measures.

 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Here is a copy/paste of the email received:

 Action needed for your email account
From: as Preferred Sender) 
Date:Wed, Sep 13, 2017 1:35 pm
24/7 Support: +1 (480) 505-8877
Action needed for your email account.
Your mailbox needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. Read the full details below.

GoDaddy understands that email is a vital part of business today and we take our commitment to customer security seriously. Your Incoming messages are queued and pending delivery, because your email "" storage limit is exceeded.

Your are required to upgrade mail quota (free) to restore normal email delivery. 
Upgrade Mail Quota Here (I removed hyperlink for this post) 

Once your details has been updated, we will lift the suspension and the email account will be able to send mail through third party clients again.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please feel free to contact us if you need help or have questions.

The GoDaddy Email Team
Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address will not be answered. 

Copyright © 1999-2017 GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. 14455 N. Hayden Rd, Ste. 219, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA. All rights reserved.



Hi @zabka


Thank you for your post. Based on the screenshot itself we wouldn't be able to determine if the email is legitimate. 


I recommend that you submit the email for review by our abuse team to see if this is by chance a phishing email. The submission link may be found here:


One sure way of knowing if this is a phishing email is to review the headers of the email.  The headers will give information about what servers were used to deliver this message. Also, using a mouse to hover above the hyperlinks ( in webmail) will display the URL they will resolve to (bottom left of screen) if they are anything besides URL's or URL's the email will most likely be a phishing attempt.


Hope this helps!


Thank you for your response.


It should be noted that your information was very helpful and it was found that the e-mail was in fact a phishing email. The hyperlink within the email was masked as "Go Daddy" however was pointing to a different address. When/ if the link is clicked on, the link opens to what appears to be an identical "go Daddy" login page, however it is not. If the individual logs in, it places the user at risk of losing their accout information, passwords, and any stored banking or credit card information. It also gives them access to edit website and shop information.


Thank you kindly for your assistance and if possible, re-label the title of the post so that others can be informed of this scam and its risks.

Hi @zabka


Happy to help!


Thank you for the update 🙂