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Email logs out after 24 hours

Good Morning,


I'm having an issue with my office 365 godaddy email account. I log in successfully to outlook, but after about 24 hours it asks me to log in again. Is there some kind of security adjustment I need to make? 


Thanks for any insight. 


Re: Email logs out after 24 hours

Hi @ARstudio,


Thank you for posting. To clarify, are you using the email client Outlook or are you logging in from a browser? If you are logging in from a  browser, for security reasons it's standard for it to log you out after there has been some idle time. To stay logged into your email, I suggest using an email client like outlook or apple mail.


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Re: Email logs out after 24 hours



Thanks for the response. I've tried using both Apple Mail and Outlook email clients. Both require me to log back in after 24 hours. I've never had this issue with another email address. Just wondering if it's a setting somewhere I missed. Thanks. 

Re: Email logs out after 24 hours

I have the same issue.  Outlook Mobile requires me to log back in after about 12 hours and my Windows 10 Mail app indicates I need to fix my account, which is a log in.  It does it on my iPhone as well as several Windows 10 systems.  On my iPhone it opens Authenticator app.  Very annoying.  I could understand if it was the admin account but this happens to another iOS user.  Another user I have is a Windows Phone user but doesn't have this problem.  Also the full Outlook 265 client doesn't have this issue.