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Email questions!

Hi Everyone!

Question – If I set up email on one of my domains, can I configure it so my existing yahoo and gmail accounts connect and download into it? Can I then setup my GoDaddy email in Outlook so I only have that one account in Outlook but can download all my gmail and yahoo email through it? Thank you!

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Re: Email questions!



This isn't a domain issue as much as an email software configuration issue.


What you can try to do in Outlook is setup additional accounts that have the login credentials for your Domain, Yahoo and Gmail accounts.  Then when you check mail, all accounts would be checked.


I don't use Outlook, I use PostBox which allows me to have multiple accounts that download from any servers I have credentials for. 


I did a quick search and found a couple resources that may help:


How to Sort Your Outlook Inbox by Email Account

How to Open Two Mailboxes in Outlook With the Same User

How to Add Additional Mailbox to Outlook 2016


HTH! 😉



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