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Email setup in Workspace and cPanel

I need a better understanding of how the email provisioning works...


I have 2 hosting accounts Economy and Deluxe with cPanel. I have had the Economy account forever, but am upgrading to the Deluxe and decommissioning all my old sites and creating new ones. The cPanel has the option to setup email accounts as does the normal (and what I am used to) the Workspace. Basically I am starting fresh with a new domain and a new setup.


I setup new email accounts in the cPanel, but they only seemed to work when using the email internally to the site like sending form mail. I could send outbound but could not respond to any of these emails. It would only go to the account that I could check via the webmail in the portal that is found in the cPanel. The accounts when provisioned in the cPanel have a different Server address for the POP3 and SMTP then those that are provisioned in the Workspace. 


It seemed as though the cPanel were internal only while the email provisioned in the workspace were external.


Furthermore I had to configure the default address to forward all emails from the Hosting account to an external gmail account. By default it was set to blackhole regardless that I had the email setup in the workspace for that domain.


Seems odd that these 2 ways of provisioning an email account are entirely independent from one another. No matter what I did to the account in the cPanel I could not receive email to that account unless the email originated from the localhost.


What finally worked for me was to setup the email in the Workspace, then configured the cPanel default "Forward to Email Address" to an external email (gmail). I could not use the account I setup in the workspace.


Re: Email setup in Workspace and cPanel

Narrowed down the issue a little. I setup another account on another domain on that hosting account and it works just fine. Well its time to call tech support to have them look at one of my domains on that hosting account.


Again, one of my domains when I have an account setup in the cPanel can only send email, but it can not receive email from external sources. weird...


Re: Email setup in Workspace and cPanel

Congratulations on reading this very long post. 🙂


Here is the solution. In the cPanel I needed to set the MX Record for each domain to "Local Mail Exchanger" then update my MX records to point to the Workspace MX (Mail Exchanger) which is currently "" with a priority of 0. 


If you are using the cPanel to setup your email addresses your MX record should point to your domain.


Tech support suggested that I setup my emails through the Workspace and not the cPanel. Everything works like a charm now. 


Added an email account in cPanel but it's not working

I tried to send an email to my newly created email account but it returning a "address not found" error. My server is new too. What seems to cause this?


Re: Email setup in Workspace and cPanel

Help me understand please. You said tech support suggested workspace over cPanel but is WorkSpace not just a forwarding service? I have never had a much trouble with email as I have had with GoDaddy and I am about to bail on them.


For cPanel:


Some emails get delivered, some don't. But it this case (above) I just want to be able to use Outlook for in and out. But I can't even get that.  I have A record 'mail' set to my domain IP and CName 'email' set to and MX set my mail.[domain].com and 'txt' set to v=spf1 mx -all


Re: Email setup in Workspace and cPanel

Thank you!!!!  This solution helped a lot - I was struggling with trying to figure out where to add the email addresses with so many options.