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How to get my Office 365 emails to cPanel?

Hi all, 


When I first registered my domains I didn't know very much about it at all and thought I needed to purchased a basic office 365 plan for each email account that I wanted. I now know that I can create emails for free within cPanel. 


My question is - I have created cPanel accounts for the email addresses that I need, with some of them currently being within Office 365. Obviously the email addresses that are currently with 365 are not receiving any emails within the cPanel created email. How would I go about canceling and making the cPanel emails the new default accounts. Would it be as simple as just cancelling the 365 plans and then the new emails to those addresses would go to the cPanel email? 


Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advanced. 


Re: Office 365 to Cpanel

Hi @beerbaby, thanks for posting.

You can setup the emails on cPanel, and then update your domain name to use the MX Record settings for cPanel. Once the domain is configured to use the MX Records for cPanel, emails will stop going to the Office 365 accounts and start going to the cPanel accounts.

Details on the DNS settings for cPanel can be found here:


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