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I can send mail but not receive email.

My mail account can send mail but can't receive the mail.
What happen to my mail account
in my goddady account I have two domain name
first domain can send and receive  mail but second domain can send but can't receive
so what the problem?

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@RathaWhen you check email what error message do you recieve?   That will tell you where the problem is either with the server or in you settings.


Verifity that your incoming server settings are correct and then try again.  If you get an error message, tell us what that is exactly -- it will point us in the right direction.


HTH! 😉

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I have the same error. The error message "Server error (Access Denied)"
Webmail inbox error.jpg

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This worked for me:


Select your hosting and go to the c-panel admin board.

Search for MXEntry, under Email

In email routing select Local Mail Exchanger


After a week and like 3 calls to support, I figured that out without their help. They had no idea what was going on. Pretty annoying.


Hope this helps!

You are super. It took me 3 hours working this problem. I tried on your solution. It worked. Smiley Happy   Smiley Happy   Smiley Happy .

I just bought the hosting and the incoming email was not working. "The remote mail exchanger" was selected in the default setting. So, I changed it to "Local mail exchanger" as you advised and it worked. Thank you.