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I want to use Office 365 and cPanel E-mail together

When I set up the domain in Godaddy I was asked to purchase office 365 e-mails so I purchased 2 and set-up e-mail. But later I found that the website feedback is not working if I set it to office 365 e-mail, only Gmail works. Also, I wanted to setup using cPanel. However, cannot send email to office365email but I can send it to Gmail account. account can't receive from either Gmail or office 365 account.  


DNS record is set for the office 365 account now. 

Microsoft document suggests installing a connector but it fails in the final stage of validation.

I need clear step by step instruction How I can achieve the goal.

Since 3 times I contacted Godaddy service it did not give me a clear solution.


For me, it sounds like I was recommended to install Outlook break pads by Godaddy on Godaddy hosting. and when it has a problem I was asked to call the outlook.


Best wishes


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: I want to use Office 365 and cPanel E-mail together

Hi @kingdavid72. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to use more than one email service for a domain at a time. Your domain has to specify MX records to use when delivering email. Each email service requires its own set of MX records. There isn't a way to specify that an address uses a specific MX record, so email servers will send the message to the server indicated by the first MX record it pulls from the domain's DNS records. If there are MX records for multiple services, it can lead to delivery failure. 


However, the above is only true for receiving email. It is possible to send emails from a domain using more than one service. For instance, if you want to use Office 365 to manage your business email but also want to send email using your hosting server or a 3rd party service like Mail Chimp, this is still possible. This just requires that you have an SPF record that indicates the sending server is allowed to send mail for the domain. 


If your domain is set up to use Office 365 email, and you're having trouble receiving emails from your website, there are a few things to check. First, you'll want to take a look at the MX Entry settings within your cPanel account. This can be accessed from the cPanel dashboard by clicking MX Entry under the Mail section. You'll want to make sure your domain is set up to deliver email remotely as opposed to locally. The next thing to check is what SPF record you're using. You should have an SPF record for "@" with the value of "v=spf1 –all". For information on adding SPF records, please see this article. The third thing to consider is whether or not the email is getting filtered out for spam. This can happen if the form from your website is using a subject like "New Message". You'll want to change it to something more specific so it does not appear to be spam. 


If all of the above does not work, then I'd suggest getting back in touch with our support team and having them look up what is happening when you send email from your form. If it is using cPanel, they should be able to connect with our advanced team, who can then look up what is happening with the mail delivery. Hope this helps. 


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Re: I want to use Office 365 and cPanel E-mail together

How about this document from MS ?.

Connectors between Office 365 and your e-mail server


according to MS, I should be able to use e-mail from "on-premises servers"?

I was following their protocol, however, I found I can not add or verify domain even though I purchased Bussiness premium account. Simply the button is not there and I cannot verify my e-mail on the server.

Thank you in advance.



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Community Manager

Re: I want to use Office 365 and cPanel E-mail together

@kingdavid72 - This would be more for an email server that you run locally, literally at your place of buisness. Trying to hook this up would require greater access to the SMTP servers we use than what you would have for a Shared Hosting account, or maybe even a VPS/Dedicated Server. I'm also not sure if the Office 365 plans we sell would support the connector. If you have a VPS or Dedicated Server, the best thing to do (if you haven't done so already) would be to connect with our Productivity team specifically. They specialize in the Office 365 product and would be able to tell you for sure if it's even possible. Sorry Man Sad


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