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Image gone from email signature

I use Workspace Webmail. I use Firefox as has been recommended to me.  I had a business logo image in my signature for years. It is now not visible. When I open a compose window, it only shows as a blank box. Also, it is now deleted from all my previously sent emails. I've tried re-inserting a pic file numerous times, etc with no luck. Ideas? Thanks


Well, After numerous tries - nothing really different - the logo is now back, even now showing up in older messages from which it had disappeared entirely. For the record, I typically use classic view. I was unable to insert an image into a signature in updated view. Every time I tried, the signature edit box closed up. I went back to classic and tried again and I was successful. Not sure what all this was about. But it's fixed. Random bug perhaps.

I'm having a different but related issue.  When I log on to my webmail - a blank page now shows up!  I got to MANAGE ACCOUNTS, and the four (of the five) email accounts I have pop up into a BLANK WINDOW.  It's as if I have been blocked from seeing my accounts.  The HELP LINE had me unplug my modem, but that didn't help.  I've used several browsers and it's the same thing.  I have to go to work today - and it will be a long day, so I don't have time to trouble-shoot it - although I have tried to no avail.  BTW, the help guy hung up on me after the 3 minutes wait time for the modem unplug scenario.  Very weird - it's like my account has been stealth "vanished".  Thoughts?  Thank you good people!