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MS Live ID Locked into GoDaddy SSO

We need to understand how to remove Microsoft’s base level association of our Live ID to GoDaddy SSO. We no longer use GoDaddy email or services, other than as our domain provider. This SSO linkage is causing issues for linking to the new email service provided by Google under the same domain name and using Microsoft services such as OneDrive share.

As background, we established our domain through GoDaddy and initially signed up through GoDaddy for their Email Plus service (which appears to be MS Exchange based). Our users signed in and created a MS Live ID to access their GoDaddy email. This forces a GoDaddy SSO login. This all worked fine.


We then learned our real estate brokerage service’s CRM requires we use Google Gmail. We contracted with a 3rd party provider to get our email moved to GSuite and Gmail using our same domain name. That appeared to work ok, but we have had three unexpected problems:

  1. Our users with their own Office 365 subscription then try to add an MS Live account for their Gmail. First we ask that they delete the old Live ID on their machine that was created when using GoDaddy. When they then try to create a new Live ID it gives an error “You can't sign up here with a work or school email address”. The Gmail address would not be a work or school account but there appears no way around this. If we try to add it as a Work or School Account, Microsoft automatically routes us to the GoDaddy SSO screen. It is clear that there is a Microsoft Active Directory entry that links this email address to GoDaddy as a work account versus letting us just use the Gmail incarnation of the email address. If we go to Outlook and try to add the email address as another account, then Outlook says they can’t add the Google account because it sees the existing Exchange based account with the same email address. Bottom line is we can’t connect the Gmail account to Outlook given the GoDaddy lock in.
  2. When we log into our MS Live ID for our domain and we try to share a OneDrive folder with another user in our domain, it seems to work but the user never gets the share in their OneDrive. It appears that OneDrive is getting confused in some fashion.
  3. We are having a very few random emails still get directed to their GoDaddy email even though the MX and TXT records seem right. We assume this is maybe related to a DNS entry, but it has proved extremely elusive. We might have to post a separate question for this if we resolve the Live ID issues and this problem continues.

Help! How do we get full use of our MS Office 365 services?