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New Email?

Hi! I just signed up this morning (a few hours ago) for a GoDaddy email to go with my domain. I received a message that it would take about an hour to set up. That was HOURS ago. How long does it normally take? 


I'm having major issues with my internet provider regarding emails, so I need a new email ASAP to conduct work. I was hoping to get the GoDaddy email set up today so that I can get some work done. 


If I don't receive an email that it's ready to go, who do I contact about it? 


Thanks in advance. 🙂

Super User 2020



Did you look in your GoDaddy control panel to see if setup is now available?  If not, you'll need to contact GoDaddy support directly as none of us have access to your account to see what's up. 😉



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