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Requirements to switch from Workspace email to Exchange-based email

I've been using Workspace email for years with several of my domains and email addresses. So far I've used only POP mail which I manage entirely with Outlook on my laptop. It's always worked fine but keeping mail synced on phone, tablet, Surface, etc. with my main laptop is a hassle. It seems that using IMAP instead of POP would alleviate that problem, but I think I read somewhere that to accomplish that I would need to purchase "business" email or, possibly, multiple copies of Office 365 from GoDaddy. I already own Office 365 subscription which I purchased from MS. Is there some way I can utilize what I already have to make the switch? Thanks.

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You can absolutely point domains to Office 365 for your email @HFox. All you need do is to get your connection settings from O365 and point your DNS properly. Depending on the O365 plan you have several email addresses can be added. 


Check out Add a domain to Office 365  there is a great video there. I hope that helps? 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Hello Roy,


Thanks for the reply. I'll be checking out both your and TLH's suggestions, and I'm sure I can get something to work as I hoped.





Hi @HFox,


Welcome to the Community!

You have a few options if you would like to upgrade your email to use the IMAP protocol. If you are currently using free email credits, or hosting email, POP is your only option. However, our customer support can provide you with an older Unlimited (space) Email plan that allows to to setup your email clients using IMAP. This would help you in synching your email across devices.


That said, your best option may be to go with an Email Essentials or Email Plus plan. These options do not provide you with the Office 365 products licenses - only the Office 365 email. You had indicated that you already had these programs at your disposal. 



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Thanks, TLH,

That was just the information I was looking for, plus some. 🙂

For some reason, I think I may already have the old "unlimited" email plan. (I think I can create up to 100 email addresses using any of my domains. Do you know if there's a way for me to determine if that's true by looking for any particular information in my account, or would it just be easier to call?


Thanks again!

Hi @HFox,


No, the Unlimited plan I'm speaking of has unlimited space, NOT addresses. One Unlimited Email plan includes 5 email addresses, with no cap on size. If you already have 100 addresses available, it will be a hosting email, more boxes at a much smaller size. The appeal of the Unlimited plan is also the IMAP capability, making it easier to synch devices. 


The Office 365 plans are also large and offer a greater dependability and stability. These are newer plans on newer servers. 



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Thanks for the additional info, TLH. I'm pretty sure the plan I'm on now is an old one that gives me 100 addresses with limits on storage. But I'm using only five addresses at the moment, and can probably eliminate two or three over time.


One other question: Having been in the IT industry for 35 years before I retired, I've always been a little paranoid about leaving emails on servers, so I've used desktop Outlook to retrieve and then remove emails from mail servers. Will that be pretty much the same with Exchange email?



H Fox

Hi @HFox,


Hmmm... most people opt to "leave a message on the server" so there are backups in case of local failure (user computer failure) or accidental deletion. And there are advantages to synching emails on multiple devices when it remains on the server for future device additions. There are some clients that will provide this option, that you can decline. It is the usually the function of the client (Outlook, etc) to determine this option. Here's some additional information for setting up our Office 365 email on 3rd-party clients. 



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