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AWS Certificate validation

Hi there,


I have created a Certificated on AWS Certificate Manager and it has a validation process via DNS Records.

AWS Provide 3 area 




But Godady has 3 area thats

Type *       Select       NameserverACNAMEMXTXTSRVAAAACAA      
Host *
Points to *
So how i will fill these fields?
Type: Cname
Name = Host
Points to = Value
without (.)

Re: AWS Certificate validation

Hi @huzunkaya, thanks for posting.

In general, you don't need to include your domain name in the Host section. In your example, the Host would just be "_xxxxxxxxxx". The Points To would be the full value, without the "(.)", as you suggested.


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Re: AWS Certificate validation

I added the similar format. Its not working. Did it worked for anyone?.

Re: AWS Certificate validation

I am not having success with the host as "_xxxxxxxx". Could it be because I am attempting to use a sub-domain such as "" at AWS? I have also tried "_xxxxxxx.subdomain" without success. The record name provided by AWS is ""


Re: AWS Certificate validation

The HOST field assumes that you're using the domain in the ZoneFile you are working with.


Goal Validate Sub-Domain for AWS:

example domain:

cName setup 
HOST: www             Target/Value/Points to:


Equals:  points to:


if your host is a subdomain call


Then Host needs to be do not have a period (.) at the end, this will be seen as instead of  (double dot) (single dot)



To validate you will need to have a HOST: _###XXX##XX#X#X#X#X#X#.www.subdomain