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Adding a third party SSL certificate

Godaddy would not issue me a code signing cert (for whatever reason) and I ended up getting one from Digicert.

Anyway, I'm now trying to make my site secure with the cert, and I'm not getting very far. Step 1 is clicking on 'SSL Certificates' on the website management page, but this just takes me to the product landing page. 

How would I upload my cert so my website can use it?




Helper II

What type of server are you renting?

For me, I use the free Let's Encrypt certificates.   They don't cost anything and I have my server setup in such a way where they just auto-renew and install every 3 months or so.

With my server, I just SSH'd into my Linux box and then cloned the Let's Encrypt repository.   I rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that comes with cPanel.   If you have cPanel, I can try and walk you through installing the cert.

I am also having trouble with this topic. I am using the Deluxe Linux hosting and I'd like to get a letsEncrypt ssl cert for it.   


Problems:   1. NO STEP BY STEP PROCESS !!  it says godaddy supports letsEncrypt but there are no instructions ?!?


2. I can use the certbot for letsEncrypt but I am confused at what Linux distro godaddy uses and therefore not sure what instructions for certbot I should follow.

I have VPS server and auto ssl. It shows 3 months. Is it renew automatically after 3 months ?

Should I pay for renewal? Or is it free ?

If it is free, how many domain can I use it ?

Thank you

I am also having the same issue. Could not find the Security section in cPanel as per the instructions from GoDaddy.


The SSL certification link will only bring me back to the product page. 

Instructions from Installing Third-Party SSLs on cPanel Accounts



To Upload Your Certificate

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. In the Security section, click SSL/TLS Manager.
  3. Under Certificates (CRT), click Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.
  4. Use the Upload Certificate section to upload the CRT file from your local machine, and then click Upload Certificate.

How 'bout if I am using Godaddy Cloud Servers. How do i install my ssl certificate from cloudflare. Thanks

That's happened to me too. It means you are on a classic version of shared hosting without CPanel or Plesk.. It's not supported.



I'm not able to download a third-party ssl certificate to my wordpress website. 

Any help would be appreciated !