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How long should verification process take for my SSL Certificate?



I purchased an SSL certificate (Deluxe model!) but it got stuck on the 'Pending Verification' stage.

This was on Thursday - not sure how long this is supposed to take.

I phoned up support, and they said someone would be in touch.

No emails - so I'm wondering how long it takes before someone says, 'Please upload these documents for verification' or something like that.

I'm wondering if that email may have been 'lost in transit' - or does it just take a while for someone to get around to sending me an email saying 'please send us some documentation'.

My experience with another provider was that they took about three or four hours to get back, so this doesn't seem right.


What's other people's experience? Any suggestions for getting this unstuck - the virtual shoulder-shrug I got when I phoned support wasn't hugely helpful.






Re: How long should verification process take?



This is a very good question. I have been waiting over a week and still have not heard anything or had my certificate change from 50%...


Disappointing to say the least.


Re: How long should verification process take?

Whoa reading this and am scared, i have a critical service that is dependent on certificate and it will cause service failure if i do not have the certificate soon.


what is happening here go daddy please


Re: How long should verification process take?


They said to me it take about 30days. Noway, it's crazy. 

When I ask support they can't do anything to make it faster. It take a lot of time. Does any one know how to contact with higher supporter to make it faster?



Re: How long should verification process take?

We are waiting for our certificate renewal(!) for almost two months. We are using it for code signing. Client had to exclude our application from their security checks.

Re: How long should verification process take?

Purchasing and setting-up an SSL certificate at GoDaddy is an easy process. It's important to know that adding SSL to your website requires work beyond simply buying the certificate. So "how long does it take", in terms of seeing your url show as secure, depends on many steps to be completed.


After buying the SSL certificate at Godaddy, you need to complete a very simple process to make it active. The reps have to give you "the corporate answer" of 24-72 hours to propagate, however your (basic) SSL is usually ready within 30 minutes.


After your SSL certificate is ready you need to change all of the absolute links on your website from http to https. If you are using WordPress you speciifically need to go to "Settings", "General" and change the urls in two fields. You may need to change permalinks to reset your site's links. Some links may need to be changed manually.


You should modify your htaccesss file to force https on your site. Add this code snippet to the top of your htaccess file. (**ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR SITE FILES BEFORE MODIFYING THIS FILE**)

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]


Test your website by going to to test your home page for any errors. If you have any errors this tool will tell you what to correct.

This process, from start to finish, should normally take about an hour. 


It's a good idea to add both https versions of your site in Google Search Console. This takes about 15 minutes.



If you are using sub-directories which need SSL you need a UCC certificate, and the set-up process will be slightly more difficult. Your GoDaddy rep can help you with this.

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Re: How long should verification process take?

Hi all,


Looks like a great discussion and some valuable comments from folks on the thread.  Can you let me know if you're still experiencing the issue, so I can work with some folks internally to help you with this issue?  Please let us know if there are any additional details you can provide so we can trouble shoot and help.


Make it a great day,



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Re: How long should verification process take?

I have been waiting for the mail over 3 hours and no response.\


Kindly assist

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Community Manager

Re: How long should verification process take?

The verification process for an SSL certificate can vary a great deal depending on the type of SSL Certificate you are requesting.  A standard SSL Certificate will typically be issued within 24 hours of completing the domain validation process.  If you're requesting an Extended Validation Certificate, an Organizational Certificate, or one of our Code Signing Certificates, there will be a much more thorough verification process that may take longer as the submitted documents will need to be manually verified before the certificate can be issued. 


You can view the status of the verification request from within your GoDaddy account under the SSL section.  If you're not seeing the status change, you'll want to first check your email to see if you've received a response from our SSL teams.  Check both your inbox & your spam/bulk mail folders.  If you did not receive an email, or you have additional questions about the verification process, you will need to contact our live support teams for further assistance.