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SSL Certificate Issue Android

Hi All,


I bought a SSL certificate and set it up in my website. It is not expired yet. 


My website is -


In android devices, Facebook and Chrome displays security error in my website.

Error message -
Facebook - "Security Error. There are problems with the security certificate for this site"

Chrome - "Your connection is not private"


In desktop, it is fine.


Please GoDaddy or some expert help me.




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Re: SSL Certificate Issue Android

Hey @hklwin,


Looks like you have everything setup correctly but you are not forcing the use of https so users that go to your website without using https themselves default to http It is a simple fix? Just follow the Redirect HTTP to HTTPS automatically instructions and you should be all set. I hope that helps?

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Re: SSL Certificate Issue Android

Thanks Rd.


I have forced http to redirect https in Nginx config.


I found out the problem. Android only accepts chain certificate. Therefore, after using chain certificate (converted using, it is working fine in Android.