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SSL Certificates - CAs and Expenses

Has Anybody Read about Let Us Encrypt?


I did recently, and guess what? you NEED NOT pay to get a certificate for your website.


All Mainstream Browsers - Chrome/Firefox/Brave/Edge


are enforcing something called "HTTPS Everywhere" Very Very Soon.


That Means, If you as a site OWNER, do not ENCRYPT communication between your site and your VISITORS,


Browsers will AGGRESSIVELY display popups, and Notices (Bright Colors) , Screaming that Visitors should Use your site at their OWN PERIL. and that, your SITE, which you so painstakingly built, is UNSAFE.


Do go through the prices Godaddy is asking to "Provide Something as Basic as a Certificate"


that says, "Hey This is ME. AND ME ONLY". "This is MY Site".


Which is basically, All Any certificate Does. Expensive / Free.


Now, If you did go through Godaddy's Whimsical Prices, And you did realize, you can get a Certificate


from a very very popular Free Community , which one would you choose?


Shouldn't Godaddy then, Provide the CHOICE for the free certificate on all Hosting accounts?


Even the Renewal, with Lets Encrypt is Free, and AUTOMATICALLY taken care of.


If you do Feel so, Push Godaddy Here, or online, to plug Lets encrypt into your CPANELS/Whatever lets you control your hosting.




If you are from Godaddy, Please drop a Note/Update on when this will be available.


Also, Alternatives to EXPENSIVE hosting addons? Do go through this list of Hosting providers,




Hosting Providers Who support A Free Alternative to Expensive Add Ons

Helper VI

@Schrodingerscat I've been using this for a while... the only down side is you have to renew it every 3 months but you can write a script to auto renew it automatically.  


You would normally install let's encrypt using the command line via certbot which makes it not ideal for most people.


BTW... not all certificates are the same... Let's encrypt does not guarantee that the website you're on is a legit website.


If I own the domain "",  I can create s subdomain "www.facebook" which gives me "" then I can use lets encrypt to generate an ssl cert for that subdomain... I will then have" which is obviously not the real and phish for passwords etc...


Let's encrypt is good to use when you want to improve your SEO, secure encrypted connection between client and server for eCommers sites.

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

If you have extra $$, feel free to make a donation to Let's encrypt to show your support... Those guys are doing a great job.

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @
Helper VI

Go daddy does have a tutorial on how to install Lets encrypt on their servers
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

Can you provide the link for the tutorial? Thank you.

I am bothered by this SSL certificate issue. I don't need to get a paid certificate considering the nature of my website. A free certificate will do.