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SSL certificate keeps uninstalling from server!

Hey - I recently purchased my .app extension through GoDaddy.


The SSL certificate which is hosted on a Godaddy server keeps uninstalling itself from the server. 


Its happened over 8 times in the last 7 days, Ive contacted support regarding this, who fix it (very quickly) for them to say it won't happen again, then guess what, it does.


Really is a joke, as its not only wasting my developers time, its also costing me, the customer, which seems to be Godaddy's issue!


I know that I have to log into my cPanel area and reinstall the certificate onto the domain when it goes down, but surely you need to fix this!


This is for the backend area of my iOS app which is being released next month, and I can't be having this issue when we are live!


Please give me a solution that doesn't last a day!