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SSL getting started question



I need to order SSL/https certificate for Apache web server and will be using 3 domain names.

What is the best GoDaddy product to order? Protect multiple websites?


How should the CSR be created, is it possible to configure single CSR for all domains in subject? Should I use "Subject Alternative Names" in SSL request?
What should be the CSR correct key size to use? RSA2048?




Advocate VII

Hi @Kristian,


The SSL product you select depends on your display and validation requirements.  For example, if you require a "green bar" display you'll need a certificate with a higher business validation.  If you interest is making sure that you have the latest encryptions and do not need the green bar, you can use the UCC product.  Note that all encryption is at the same level.  The primary difference in the products is the number of sites the certificate covers, subdomain coverage, and business verification procedures.


Here is a link to a page with a comparison chart.


Hope this helps,


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