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SSL not working

I purchase SSL Certificates from & it is not working , I try to contact them by phone but , Godaday Phone number not working , I need refund of my money or SSL should work fine . Where I have to go ? was good hosting company but now a day they do not care their customers 

Helper IV

Give me your URL. Do you have cpanel?

I have Hosting

I have cpanel

You bought the cetificate for and you are using it for This will not work. Contact godaddy support

I have done 

but , It is  world very harder Job , Not working . I never face this kind job in my life , Why you do not provide support ? Is it possible all users can do it ? Why you call for Promotion Buy this product & that product ? 

I need answer . 😞   I dislike your support  

Sorry for your inconvenience. I am not a godaddy employee, I am a community member helping the other community members. So i can't access your account information. So please contact godaddy call support at

Thank you.

Is this policy they will not support customer , I call 28 times for SSL , No body help proper ; Why ?