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SSL -utterly confused

after 2 months of very long calls and online chats with help I am ready to cancel my accounts. I KNOW i can do the tasks but getting through the lingo is doing my head in. I do not like pressing links unless i already know what they do and that may be part of my issue- 


I have purchased a 5 site SSL I have somehow managed to get a certificate number for 1, which i only found tonight by accident after 2 full days of bumbling around the site.. However i dont have the 2 long boxes of text that i need.

All my sites are self hosted with hostnine, i have access to cpanel, i have just in the last hour managed to find out that you need certain email address' set up so i have done that. now i need help to work out how to request certificates and codes for my other 2 sites. they have been down now for 9 weeks and its beyond a joke. i have tried the written instructions but they only apply to godaddy hosting and people who speak technogeek.

feeling angry and dumb at present

One day my ship will come in, i will be there with my suitcases waiting